About Nu Legal

How we started

There’s a flexible alternative to the traditional law firm business model that’s been emerging in Europe over the past few years, and it was first given a name in 2013 as ‘NewLaw’.

There are a few differences between ‘NewLaw’ legal practices and traditional old firms, being:

  1. How work is won;
  2. How work is done; and
  3. How the firm is run.

After working in traditional firms we decided we wanted to do things differently. We wanted moved away from expensive billable hours toward fixed fee and transparent pricing to drive efficiency and a better outcome for the client. We also wanted to structure the firm with an incentive toward reinvestment in the company and how it runs; to have a focus on long-term thinking and, most importantly, a ‘client first’ approach.

The idea for Nu Legal was borne from ‘NewLaw’.


Megan Price


Megan has a broad range of legal experience and you can expect a friendly, pragmatic, organised and efficient approach to your matter.

What our clients say