About Nu Legal

Nu Legal is a thriving property law firm providing straight-forward advice to first home buyers, investors, families and trusts.

We are based in Auckland and Queenstown.

We’re Nu

There’s an alternative to the traditional law firm that’s been emerging in Europe over the past few years, and it was first given a name in 2013 as ‘New Law’.

After working in traditional firms we decided we also wanted to do things differently. For example, we wanted to move to a more flexible working environment, reduce paper wastage, utilise technology more freely (this is harder than it sounds in the field of law) and move away from expensive billable hours.

The idea for Nu Legal was borne from ‘New Law’.


Megan Price

For most people, buying or selling a property is stressful. Understanding the process and having confidence and trust in your lawyer is so important in minimising this. We work through it with you.